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  • What is the OS X Lion Update?

    The OS X Lion Update is the final update to Mac’s OS X Lion operating system. As the last release for the OS, it’s recommended by Apple that users update their system to ensure the safest and fastest use possible.

  • Is the OS X Lion Update free?

    OS X Lion was available for purchase for Apple upon release in the Mac App Store. Once users purchased the initial release of the operating system, subsequent updates to that software were provided to users for free. Upgrades to the operating system that followed were also paid software downloads, however, with the release of OS X Mavericks, Apple chose to do away with paid macOS upgrades.

  • Is the OS X Lion Update safe?

    The update to OS X Lion is safe to use and only served to strengthen the security of OS X Lion. With the release of subsequent OS releases, Lion would eventually stop being updates. For those still running OS X Lion, this update is the last, and thus, safest release of the software.

  • What systems is the OS X Lion Update available on?

    OS X and macOS releases are only compatible with Mac computers, including the Macbook Pro. However, with Mac’s bootcamp feature, users can partition their hard drive to include a separate Windows operating system. Upon startup, users can choose which OS to boot to.

  • How do I install the OS X Lion Update?

    The update for OS X Lion can be installed through the Mac App Store available on every Mac or Macbook. Apple switched to this form of update from their former update system that was available by checking for updates in the Settings application.

  • What’s new in the latest OS X Lion Update?

    OS X Lion’s final update, 10.7.5, largely focused on resolving bug and issues that were remaining on Lion. The update also included a minor update to Safari. No interface changes were made, as these are generally reserved for annual numbered updates.

  • Can I upgrade to OS X Lion with the update?

    If you’re still using OS X Snow Leopard, purchasing and upgrading to Lion will result in the installation and download of the latest version of that software, in this case, 10.7.5—the final Lion update. The upgrade can be purchased from the Mac App Store.

  • Is the OS X Lion Update still current?

    Since releasing the final update to OS X Lion, Apple has released a number of major updates to their operating system. Lion was followed by the release of version 10.8, named Mountain Lion. Apple is now on version 10.13, called High Sierra, and now referes to their operating system as macOS instead of OS X.

  • How big is the OS X Lion Update?

    The update’s size may vary from computer to computer. The full version of OS X Lion required at least 7GB of available space and at least 2GB of memory.

  • What are the OS X Lion system requirements?

    OS X Lion can be installed on Macbooks and Macbook Pros that date back to 2008, Macbook Airs from 2010 or newer, iMacs and Mac Pros from 2009 or newer, and Mac Minis from mid-2010 or newer.

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